Mettler’s Bar was established in 1903 By Frank J. Mettler.

During prohibition Frank served beer and hot dogs at Mettler’s along with a little boot legging under the table. Emil Maes who emigrated from Belgium married Florence Mettler, Frank’s daughter. They together bought Mettler’s Bar from Frank but they had to keep the Mettler’s Bar name. Through the years as time went on many changes took place and in 1966 Go-Go Dancing was introduced to Mankato and has been going on ever since then.

When urban renewal happened in the late 70’s the only businesses left in downtown South Front Street was Mettler’s Bar, Town Theater and the VFW Post 950. It was then that Mettler’s Bar expanded its size by taking over the Mama Angelina building right next door.

In 1978, Rene Maes purchased the Town Theater building and transformed it into Mr. Rene Banquet Hall where many wedding receptions, parties and other functions where held until 1989. In 1989, the Banquet Hall was then tore down and they then established Chevy’s Bar & Grill which was a 50’s motif bar. In 2009, Michael Maes then bought the VFW building to expand the business. At the same time of the purchase, the business name was then changed to the Loose Moose Saloon & Conference Center where it is now a North-wood’s themed bar and connected to the current Mettler’s Bar. Today with expansions many new exciting things are happening downtown here at the Loose Moose and Mettler’s.

As you can see, many family generations have been involved with this business. There have been four generations of family so far, with the 5th generation now working and the 6th generation of family has been born. It’s hard to believe what has taken place in Mankato since 1903.